Continuing from our previous post on Eduqation, Own Your Story, we went back to unlearning whatever little we knew about the education domain and started from the basics. We returned to our Notion’s Blank Board and started jotting down everything we needed to understand the vast education world.

In this process, we visited many online discussion forums and Facebook groups and participated in discussions with parents and teachers. Regarding generic queries they had regarding their child’s/student’s education. We understood that most parents had similar questions for which they sought unbiased, transparent, and clear information. Information that is not cluttered with many jargons nor biased towards any specific institution/organization. So with this clarity, we decided to make this our guiding principle.

We take pride in introducing Eduqation, a platform where we will be journaling everything we learn on our way to understanding the education domain and presenting to you the information which has Clarity, Transparency, and Unbiasedness. 

Why Q in Eduqation?

We want to think of it as the Quality Information in Education, but honestly that felt like Education with a twist; also, we could quickly get the domain name eduqation.co. 😎

The Inspiration Behind Eduqation?

I have always been fascinated watching the video of Sundar Pichai launching the Chrome browser back in 2008. How he presented the idea of stripping down the clutter/complexity of the browser for a better User Experience(you can check out the video here 👇)

With Eduqation, we want to take the same path. We would un-learn and re-learn the basics of the Education sector and strip down the clutter. To present you with the information most easily and more straightforwardly for the audience to connect. We might go wrong in many ways on our journey, but I am confident that my team and I will not leave any stone unturned. There would be many topics that we would cover. Which the audience might feel like a fundamental topic to touch upon. But for us, that would be learning. And I am sure many people like us would like to understand a few things in detail 🤩.

What Next?

We would start with writing two blog posts weekly and try to make a Youtube video of the same content(in fact, we also need to learn this 🤪) and, over time, create a pool of good content that would help us and many other members of our site to understand this vast domain. We would want domain experts to guide us along the way to make our content and presentation more solid and readable.

This 2-series post will be my very first blog post that will be posted online 🤓. I hope you like it, and as always I would like to have your comments on what you liked. But more on how I can improve on my writing skills.

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