Introducing Eduqation


Welcome to a whole new world of Eduqation.

Education was the most undervalued sector in today’s time and we realized this when we conceptualized our first startup Kaqsha back in January of 2020(pre-pandemic era), but the entire scenario changed when COVID struck in March 2020. Never could we have imagined that it would flip the scenario of the Education sector in a matter of weeks. It skyrocketed the digital adoption in Education by 10 years and every other Entrepreneur started jumping in with their new ideas in Edtech. 

We also did the same thing and started to think how our idea of Kaqsha could be a Million dollar idea and we could be earning Bags full of Money. So we started making extensive business plans and started building our startup, but all the wrong way. 

Hi, I am Niladri Roy, founder of Kaqsha an online learning platform for Students in the K-12 segment, where we conducted small group coaching for Maths and Science subjects for Maharashtra State Board students. But remember I mentioned above “but all the wrong way”, so I would like to mention our biggest mistake which led Kaqsha to march in the wrong direction.

💡 We didn’t have in-depth knowledge about the domain we ventured into.🫣🫣🫣

So why did we think of an Edtech startup in the first place? 🤔🤔🤔

So we had a Tech Entrepreneur, a Senior Business guy, and an Experienced UPSC Faculty in our team and thought it to be the perfect recipe for building the Edtech Startup. Our experience in our own field blurred our vision, and we couldn’t see the challenges from the ground up. When we got into the day-to-day operations we realized we didn’t have the necessary knowledge of the domain and we had to rely on outside expertise to get the basics done.

I forgot what I always used to say to my team

"Learn the Basics first"

So, we decided to Un-learn and get to our Basics first

Now that you know what we did wrong, let us continue this discussion over to our next post where we take you through our idea behind Eduqation and how we want to get our basics right and help the community of Teachers, Students, and their Parents.

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